Founder of The Inner Strength, Ernesto completely understands how the body works, what is best and what’s not so great.

Ernesto became certified in personal training and nutrition in 2009 at the YMCAfit, the Uk's most experienced fitness training provider. 

He helps each client with effective exercise regimes and  healthy eating habits that they love.

Training under his supervision is fun, extremely motivating and educating. 

Ernesto's knowledge in the field can help him deal with different client's fitness and abilities.  

Working with the YMCA Healthy Living Team, gave him the experience needed to deal with different health issues from lower back pain, arthritis, to repairing muscles after injuries.

Do you want to lose a few pounds of body fat, get stronger, more muscular and be in better shape?

Ernesto will confidently guide you every step of the way.    


We know that many of you do not have the time to do a long routine so we have created this short workou which can fit in to any day no matter how busy you may be. This (HIIT) routine falls perfectly into the "Quick" category.HAVE FUN!!! 
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