We are a personal training company based in Central London.

The Inner Strength will work with you to set clear goals in a realistic and achievable timeline.

We will start your new journey with a fitness assessment. The results are used as a starting point and are our way of monitoring  your personal progress over a series of weeks/months.

Personal Training

We know that every single client is a unique individual.

We assess how your body currently moves and the areas that can be improved.

A personalised fitness plan is then created around our specific findings and your goals.

We work with  clients of all shapes and sizes, including busy corporate executives, retired seniors, clients with special medical conditions, athletes and many others in between.


Rehabilitation is the mental and physical process to get back to how you used to live. Problems can occur after picking up an injury, or having an accident, or after an operation. We totally understand the frustration of having an injury that prevent you from being able to carry out day tasks. Physical pain can impact your confidence and mood too.

Group Training

Interested in hiring a personal trainer but concerned about the cost of one on one training?

Do you prefer a small group environment without losing the quality of your training?

Our group training is the way to go.

Each group provides a fantastic, motivational, dynamic and enjoyable coaching experience.

We will use the latest techniques, focusing on improving your cardio fitness, core strength, weight loss and general wellbeing.

Corporate Training & Classes

Companies of all sizes are striving to make physical fitness part of their employees lives.

There are  lots of positive benefits of providing workplace fitness choices.

Statistics prove that employees that are regularly active have increased productivity, better concentration, greater mental alertness and more creativity.

This contributes to better work morale.

We can offer classes in Yoga, Pilates, Boxing, Circuits and more.....

We are currently providing corporate training for companies like KING.

This is what they say about us:


" The boxing class on Friday was great fun and  my collegues were still raving about it on Monday "

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