Injuries, operations and pain can put us off being active.

Supervised exercise can support you on the road to recovery.

After injury or an operation, it’s hard to know what exercises are safe to do and how far to push yourself.

Physical pain can impact your confidence and mood too, which can deter you from getting moving at all, let alone going to the gym. Don't let these doubts or anxieties stand between you and your well-being.


You might think that personal training is just for people gearing up to run a marathon, but in reality it's for everyone, whatever your abilities or condition.

Whether you suffer from arthritis, lower back pain, neck pain, recently had knee or shoulder surgery, or you are recovering from a fracture, getting moving is more beneficial than staying still. We work alongside one of the bestsports therapist, each session will be individually designed to help you overcome your battle and get you back to your best.