“Having reached a plateau with my weight loss, I sought Ernesto's help. He makes me work harder than I ever thought possible. He is always on hand with a useful tip, new training technique and a smile." Christine
"I wanted to gain muscle mass and become fitter. Ernesto created a tailored plan which was challenging but fun, quickly giving me amazing results"  MATT.  
"Working with Ernesto made my body feels stronger and he has corrected my technique as well as my posture."   JOHN
"My wedding was just 6 months away and I wanted to get in shape. Four months later I have lost a total of 5% body fat and 2.5 inches off my waist."    CINDY.  
"My job can sometimes be a little stressful. 
Ernesto encourages me to work out regularly reminding me how working out lowers stress & anxiety levels "     FARAH